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Trnava region Travel guide

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Spectacular Slovakia, includes pull-out map

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The detailed 88-page, English-language tour guide on the Trnava Region contains landmarks, practical information, 3D animations, many articles and photographs. The practical pocket size is enriched with a folding map.

Apart from touristic points, the Trnava region guide explores a wealth of topics in 23 travel feature stories. It presents not only profiles of castles, museums and other lesser-known attractions, but also the stories of the people behind these places.
This guide will introduce you to the religious Trnava, as well as modern and unusual Trnava. It will take you to thrilling places where you can get a taste of the region by trying wine, beer or mead. It will lead you to the best spots for night life and renewing spas. It will give you an opportunity to see the world from a horse saddle, try different sports and admire the country from the most scenic viewpoints.

An international team of journalists, who travelled around the region and provided information based on their own experience, contributed to the publication. The title is based on the travel edition of Spectacular Slovakia.

About the edition Spectacular Slovakia:
The Spectacular Slovakia edition, originally in English, was launched in 1996 as a specialized magazine attachment of The Slovak Spectator.
In 2013, the guide's design was modified to today's practical, pocket-sized form. Spectacular Slovakia contains two titles in Slovak: Slovakia - book guide, guide - Nitra; three English-Slovak publications Košice region, Bratislava region, Trenčín region and three titles in English: Bratislava City Guide, Nitra City Guide and Slovakia - travel guide.

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