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The Secret of Epsia

The Princes of Sothor
Manufacturer: Enribook

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239 Kč
Prince Mstislav of Sothor even though successful at first, uderstands that his principality is not strong enough to defend against larger neighbours. The only hope to save the homeland is to gather the retinue and set off north in a hunt for a mythical weapon. A legend says that the weapon thanks to which a petty kingdom turned into a mighty empire is located in the mountains on the borders of Sothor and Epsia. This fantasy novella is inspired by Slavic culture and history. Since it belongs to the anti- fantasy subgenre, it is not a common story, in which an allmighty hero overcomes every obstacle at the end of the road. The story in this book reminds that the world is not a fairytale. And that weapons, not determination, win wars.
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Podnázev The Princes of Sothor
Druh sortimentu eKniha
Autor Lukáš Zeleňak
Značka Enribook
Pořadí vydání 1. vydání
Počet stran 89
Interní kód 0436375
Produktový manažer Barbora Cigánková (
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