Jane Eyre

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Jane Eyre was an immediate bestseller, and most critics liked it. One reviewer wrote: ‘It is one of the most powerful domestic romances which have been published for many years.’ In this Reader you will find: A short biography of Charlotte Brontë | Glossary | Comprehension activities | PET-style activities | Exit test Tags Love | Society Jane Eyre is an orphan, and all alone in the world. But she is no ordinary young woman; despite her lonely and unhappy childhood, she is determined to succeed at a time when women had little freedom. When she meets the enigmatic Mr Rochester, however, her independent spirit is put to the test. Will Jane ever find the happiness she desires so much? Syllabus Verb tenses: Present Continuous: future plans and activities, present actions Past Perfect Simple: in reported speech and narrative Modal verbs: can’t: logical necessity could: ability (was able to/managed to), possibility, polite requests may/can/could: permission might (present and future reference): possibility, permission must: logical necessity and obligation would: hypothesis, polite requests should: (present and future reference): moral obligation, advice used to/would: past habits and states Verb forms and patterns: Past forms with going to and will Verb + object + full infinitive (e.g. I want you to help.) Simple reported speech: statements, questions and commands with say, ask, tell Phrasal verbs/verbs with prepositions had better for advice or desirability
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