Good Neighbours

Brožovaná bez přebalu matná
What happened to shelly schroeder?
Manufacturer: Titan Publ. Group Ltd.

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For readers of Liane Moriarty and Celeste Ng, in this addictive thriller full of dark secrets and their darker consequences a sudden tragedy pits neighbour against neighbour and puts one family in terrible danger. When the Wilde family moves to Maple Street, they trigger their neighbours' worst fears. As tensions mount, a sinkhole opens in a nearby park, and neighbourhood Queen Bee Rhea's daughter Shelly falls inside. The search for Shelly brings a shocking accusation against the Wildes. Suddenly, it is one mother's word against the other's in a court of public opinion that can end only in blood.
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Podnázev What happened to shelly schroeder?
Druh sortimentu Kniha
Autor Sarah Langan
Značka Titan Publ. Group Ltd.
Rok vydání 2021
Pořadí vydání 1. vydání
Vazba Brožovaná bez přebalu matná
Počet stran 388
ISBN 1789098211
EAN 9781789098211
Interní kód 0370287
Produktový manažer Jana Knopová (
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