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Cutting Teeth

Brožovaná bez přebalu matná
No parent could have expected this...
Manufacturer: Random House UK Ltd

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ISN'T PARENTHOOD ALL ABOUT SACRIFICE? 'Sharp, original, wickedly astute' Ashley Audrain, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Push 'Deliciously dark, Baker's novel exposes all the little horrors of motherhood.' Kirsten Miller, author of The Change Darby, Mary Beth, and Rhea are on personal quests to reclaim aspects of their identities subsumed by motherhood - their careers, their sex lives, their bodies. Their children, though, disrupt these plans when an unsettling medical condition begins to go around the Little Academy preschool: the kids are craving blood. Then a young teacher is found murdered, and the only witnesses are ten adorable four-year-olds. But as the police draw closer to the truth, it soon becomes clear that the children aren't just witnesses, they're suspects . . . and so are their mothers. Part murder mystery, part motherhood manifesto, CUTTING TEETH explores the standards society holds mothers to - along with the ones to which we hold ourselves - and the things no one tells you about becoming a parent. 'Bestseller Baker takes readers on a stomach-dropping emotional roller coaster in this suspenseful and darkly comic tale of motherhood and murder... a wicked thriller'. - Publishers Weekly
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Podnázev No parent could have expected this...
Druh sortimentu Kniha
Autor Chandler Baker
Značka Random House UK Ltd
Pořadí vydání 1. vydání
Vazba Brožovaná bez přebalu matná
Počet stran 320
ISBN 1529921430
EAN 9781529921434
Interní kód 0433241
Produktový manažer Jana Knopová (
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