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Kiss & Tell

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Kiss & Tell is a total rush! Perfectly sweet and swoon worthy. I loved every page! &ndash, ,Julie Murphy, New York Times bestselling author of Dumplin&rsquo,  , A smart, sexy YA novel about a boy band star, his first breakup, his first rebound, and what it means to be queer in the public eye, from award-winning author Adib Khorram Hunter never expected to be a boy band star, but, well, here he is. He and his band Kiss & Tell are on their first major tour of North America, playing arenas all over the United States and Canada (and getting covered by the gossipy press all over North America as well). Hunter is the only gay member of the band, and he just had a very painful breakup with his first boyfriend--leaked sexts, public heartbreak, and all--and now everyone expects him to play the perfect queer role model for teens. But Hunter isn't really sure what being the perfect queer kid even means. Does it mean dressing up in whatever The Label tells him to wear for photo shoots and pretending never to have sex? (Unfortunately, yes.) Does it mean finding community among the queer kids at the meet-and-greets after K&T's shows? (Fortunately, yes.) Does it include a new relationship with Kaivan, the drummer for the band opening for K&T on tour? (He hopes so.) But when The Label finds out about Hunter and Kaivan, it spells trouble&mdash,for their relationship, for the perfect gay boy Hunter plays for the cameras, and, most importantly, for Hunter himself.
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Druh sortimentu Kniha
Autor Adib Khorram
Značka Penguin LCC US
V prodeji od 28.08.2023
Pořadí vydání 1. vydání
Rozměry 14.5 x 21.0 x 2.5 cm
Hmotnost 0.35 kg
Vazba Brožovaná bez přebalu matná
Počet stran 384
ISBN 0593325273
EAN 9780593325278
Interní kód 0426929
Produktový manažer Jana Knopová (
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